About the museum

On 17 May, 2007 Karl Bildt- Minister of Foreign affairs of Sweden, and Hans Gunner Aden- Ambassador of Sweden to Armenia Azerbaijan and Georgia together with the representatives of the government  of Adjara Autonomous Republic opened the Nobel Brothers Batumi Technological Museum.

The Museum represents the technical/technological achievements introduced to Batumi at the end of the XIX th and beginning of the XXth  centuries:  activity of the Nobel Brothers, the Rotschilds, and Mantashev. There are exhibits on the development of tea culture, printing-house. And photography. In museum there are photos of Prokudin-Gorski- the first master of the coloured photography.

The activity of the Nobel Brothers in Georgia including Batumi in outstanding  with their help the new technology of oil transit was implemented and Batumi was involved into the International Trade Affairs.  The Nobel Brothers contribution to Georgia is great, though their activity has not been forgotten. One of the goals of the museum is to study and research that period.

Museum informative range is diverse. It is interesting for representatives of different professions. It is named after Nobel Brothers. It pays attention to the activity and popularization of the Nobel Laureates.

Batumi was visited by the following Nobel Prize Laureates:

Berths Suttner, Knut Hamsun, Fridtiof Nansen, Rabindranath Tagore, John Steinbeck, Andrei Sakharov, Ivan Bunin. Zhores I, Alfarov.  Boris Pasternak, Joseph Brodsky.