Animal world in Ajara   

About the program

                          Animal world in Ajara                                 

     Within the framework of the program, students will get to know information about the animals living in the nature of Ajara, based on the stuffed animals of the museum; We will talk with the students and discuss their main places of residence, environmental conditions and food products; The leading theme of the program for them is the influence of human on the animal world; In addition to the fact that the mentioned educational program includes the provision of cognitive information to schoolchildren, the program is mainly based on a interview mode on any topic within the program, so that this period is not boring for them and arouses greater interest.

The program is intended for: I-VI class students.

Duration of the program: 40 - 50 minutes.

Time of holding: by prior arrangement

Contact person: Ketevan Putkaradze-577 17 97 25

Program Coordinator Megi Tetemadze