About the museum

The history of the Museum of Religion began in 2004, when the museum only had a minimal number of exhibits, including photographs that provided information about various religions.
 From 2023, after completion of the renovation work, the museum will offer its visitors an updated exhibition.
 The exhibition hall presents cult objects related to the main religions of the world and Georgia, artefacts depicting religious scenes made using the techniques of various authors, Orthodox icons from the second half of the 18th century, icon canvases by famous artists, a bas-relief icon of Davit Agmashenebeli (The Builder) made on a boxwood tree, clothing for religious rituals, a model of old Batumi and rare photographs depicting the past.
The artefacts presented here provide museum visitors with information about the history of Batumi and the identity of Georgian tradition in terms of religious tolerance. The museum is characterised by its idea of showing visitors the multi-religious nature of our country and region.
The Museum is located on Queen Tamar Avenue.