The wedding tradition and the history of their origin in Ajara

About the program


               The wedding tradition and the history of their origin in Ajara

The participants of the program will listen to conversations about the history of wedding traditions in Ajara and their origin. They will familiarize themselves with the collection of Princess Bezhanidze's wedding dress presented in the exposition. Peculiarities of the development of wedding clothes, beliefs, ideas, artistic appearance and parallels will be reviewed. Special attention will be paid to various elements of decoration of women's wedding and festive dresses. We will also talk about the diversity of women's jewelry elements and jewelry art common in Ajara, which were a necessary attribute during the performance of wedding traditions.

At the end, we suggest to the participants: based on the exhibits they have seen. They can draw different elements of Adjarian men's and women's wedding garment, or make different ornaments of wedding headdresses and clothes (vegetal, astral, zoomorphological), using which they will be able to make various accessories like napkins, table clothes, pockets, etc.

The program is intended for: V-XII class students.

Duration of the program: 60 - 90 minutes.

Time of holding: by prior arrangement

Contact person: Ketevan Putkaradze-577 17 97 25

Program Coordinator Shorena Makharadze, Sofo Lortkipanidze