About the museum

      Khariton Akhvlediani Adjara Museum was founded in 1908. The initiative group of teachers and public figures in Batumi organized a school museum. On March 19, 1908 in 28 khmosnis participation at the meeting of its City Council approved the Executive Board and the Joint Finance Commission report Pushkin city schools with children's museum to open as soon as it sang. 
 The museum was located, and Olga voznesenskisa street corner. Head of the museum on October 1, 1908 was appointed city Pushkin Fine Needle-work school teacher Nicholas gomani. 
  On 9 May 1910 from the expansion of the City Council moved to a building on the first floor and one room efforts. On October 15, 1912 City Council resolution is changed into a museum city. 1924 years before the museum was a mixed type, and since 1925 was changed into a museum of Local Lore of Adjara. In the same year moved to the former military in the church, which was until 1930. Because of the humidity in the church had broken down a large amount of items, so on January 25, 1930 from the treasury museum in the building and placed it is still located here. 
    Nicholas gomanis since 1938. Since February 1989, and sec. May was the Director of the Museum of the outstanding scientist and public figure, museum amagdari Khariton Akhvlediani. Her name to the museum, as samkharetmtsodneo science - the development of educational institution - to strengthen. 
     1957. The old museum building on the 2nd floor dashenda. Museum of Adjara - the most ancient of scientific - educational institution in Georgia. This Notice 180 - thousand items: unique items, collections, photos, art, gold sagandzureb museum contains more than one hundred kinds of things. 
    Manuscripts kept in the fund in 2000 - more than a rare manuscript in Georgian, Russian, Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and other languages, the Museum Library 63000 books in various languages. Including many rare Library.