About the museum

Museum of religion was opened in Batumi  on september 17, 2004.  The idea of opening this museum belongs to  our citizens’ Teimuraz Komakhidzes family. Adjara is having a good reputation  with religious toleration, and that’s why it became necessary to open Museum of religion in this small city.  Locals  are proud of  religion diversity and trying to share it with every visitor, talk about tolerance history of Batumi and connect it with present days.
Expositions that are here describes main religions of Adjara and Georgia. 
You can examine here Orthodox icons which are made with different techniques. 
  Saint Mary with infant Jesus. Was dated around Second half of 18th century.
Davit Agmashenebelis’ bas-relief icon it was made on willow-tree, this icon is in the middle of museum because king Davit was equally  respected all religions. Also you can see in this museum: bas-reliefs, gobelins, enamels, different religious scenes that was fulfilled on shell and on bears skin. In the hall  takes your attention Christs icon with his 12 messengers. Here are artefacts,maquettes of Roman Catholic and Armenian apostolic church’s,  local Jewish Torah. Islamic Koran with its definition book was dated around 17th century. 
Since Georgians are Orthodox, 90% of this exhibition are Orthodox stuffs.
This Museum preserves Islamic, Judaize, Buddhist’s, Catholic books  also dresses, ritual things, and old photos that describes all about unique history.
 In Batumi In 19th century with economical increase there was population increase too. If only. temporary workers were living here after railway and oil terminals lots of people found stable working places and lived here with families. Batumi became the city for other nations.  People with different religions became close to each other. In 19th-20th centuries tolerance is lengthening process of middle centuries where different religious people lived not only in neighborhood but even in one family.  This is the process of our history with diversity of religions and that’s why  it’s important and precious for our visitors.