Meeting - The creation of the Prominent Artist Koka Ignatov

  On August 30 in the Art Museum, a public lecture was held with young people regarding the work of the outstanding Georgian artist - Nikoloz (Koka) Ignatov.

 The meeting was opened by the manager of the Art Museum - Tengo Dolidze. He talked about future activities, increasing the involvement of young people in museum life and activating the club of museum lovers.

 Through the guide of the museum, Irina Sturua, the guests received comprehensive information about the works of the People's Artist of Georgia and laureate of the State Prize of Georgia - Nikoloz (Koka) Ignatov, his biographical information and interesting facts. The final part was held in an interactive format. Young people answered questions about the topic.

 Within the framework of the public lecture, the visitors viewed Nina Vadachkoria's personal exhibition - "Women's Faces" in the museum gallery.